How to propagate your succulent leaf cuttings

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Succulents are popular house plants that can be grown indoors or outdoor depending on the climate. They are known for their thick fleshy leaves which are designs to store water, making them great drought resistant plants.

Succulents come in a vast array of varieties, shapes, and colours, making them a stunning way to dress up any space. Growing your succulent collection can be easy and inexpensive by taking cuttings.
Learn how I propagate my succulent leaves in these easy steps.

Easy steps to propagate your succulent cuttings

1. Take a cutting from a healthy plant and also select a healthy leaf.

2. Take a low-level cutting – you don’t want to take a leaf from the top of the plant, rather, take a cutting from the bottom set of leaves.

3. To remove your leaf, gently twist them in a clockwise motion. If your leaf really won’t be removed by gently twisting, use clean shears or a knife.

take succulent cuttings from low leaves on healthy plants

4. It’s important that you let the tip of the succulent, where you removed it from the main plant, to dry.

5. Place your succulent cuttings on top of a bed of shallow, dry compost or sand. I like to use a 50/50 mixture of organic coconut coir and sand

succulent cutting mandala arrangement

6. Place your cutting in a warm spot with indirect sun, but as long as its a dry area, they should root.

7. Some people say to mist your cuttings regularly, but I have found this to cause my cuttings to rot. In fact, I don’t water my succulent cuttings at all until they’ve rooted and grown baby leaves.

8. The mother leaf will whither completely, but you can transplant, or pot up your succulent cutting when it’s still fairly withered.

To pot up, fill your container with succulent compost, as mentioned I like to use a pot, with some gravel in the bottom, about 1″ and then fill to the top with a compost mixture of 50% organic coconut coir and 50% sand.

Make a hole with your finger or a pencil in the compost and place your matured cutting in the hole, surrounding it with compost.

Give your potted up plant a good drink of water and place it in a nice spot with indirect sunlight.

potting up succulent cuttings

How do you like to take your succulent cuttings and root them? Let me know your tips in the comments below

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