Spider Plant Cutting - Getting started

Hurray for spider plants!  Spider plants are one of my absolute favourites.  They grow really quickly, are easy to propagate, and are great at air purification and also are low maintenance, what’s not to love?!

If you’ve purchased a spider plant cutting from me, thank you! If you’re here to learn more about how to root and grow your spider plant cutting have a look below.


When you receive your cutting, give it a refresh in some cold water, simply just rinsing it under the tap or giving it a good drink in a cup of cold water.


I love to pre-root my spider plant cuttings in water before potting in compost. Simply place your cuttings in a cup of cold water for about 2-3 weeks or until you start to see roots forming. Refresh the water every so often to keep it clean. I recommend a clear container so you can see your roots grow. Personally, I've found that spider plants grow really well in water, so there's not necessarily a time limit here if you keep the water fresh


Potting your cuttings is easy, simply use regular compost, peat-free is best. Pot your cutting in the center of a small container or pot with a hole in the bottom for drainage. I like to bunch a few spider plant cuttings together to create a larger, fuller plant, faster but it's not essential. If you only have one cutting, it will grow perfectly well on its own.


Water your spider plant when the compost is dry, you can use a normal house plant fertiliser if it looks like it needs a bit of replenishing. If your leaves seem to be losing colour, it needs water, if it looks yellow, you've probably over watered.

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