Tradescantia Cutting - Getting started

First off, thanks so much for purchasing a tradescantia cutting from me! Or if you’re here for a bit of information about how I root and plant my tradescantia cuttings, welcome!

Tradescantia is a wonderfully lush house plant that has long trailing vine-like branches and grows rapidly.   It comes in a vibrant green and can also be found in other magical colours like purple and variegated. 


When you receive your cutting, I recommend just slightly trimming the point where I cut it to make a fresh cut.


This one is optional - I prefer to root my tradescantia cuttings in a cup of water before potting in compost. Simply take a cup of water, a clear cup is great cause you can watch the root growth, and put your cuttings in there, roots can start to form in as quickly as a few days. Refresh the water every few days. Troubleshooting - if you don't see any roots in about 10-14 days, skip to step three


If you've decided not to pre-root your cuttings or your cuttings aren't showing signs of rooting, you can pot your cuttings into normal compost. Plant your cuttings about 5cm / 1.5" deep about .75"/2cm apart from each other. You will have a lusher fuller, more mature plant if you pot at least 3 cuttings together.


When your tradescantia plant begins to mature, it will enjoy a regular trim and it will allow it to grow faster too. You can pot up or refresh the compost yearly or every other year. You can feed them with regular house plant food as regulated by the make too.

Cutting that has grown roots from water propagation

Tradescantia cuttings

A mature tradescantia plant